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Our Mission

Create valuable connections between UK students and Latin America.

Raise awareness of Latin American culture in order to give more visibility to this community.

Support Latin American businesses, creatives, organisations, artists, writers and projects based in the United Kingdom.

Music and Dance

Imperio Bamba

Imperio Bamba is a project born in north London, in 2016. Their sound emerges from their Latin American roots, mixing chicha, cumbia, salsa and afro-Peruvian rhythms with psychedelic guitars and synths.


Paula Lema lives in Inverness. She has been a ZIN™ Member since February 2019 and she absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: every class feels like a party!


ArtPerUK was created to share Peruvian culture with the wider community in London and the UK, through the art and enjoyment of dance. 

Bon Son

Bon Son is a band made up by four students originally from San Luis de Potosí, Mexico.

Sounds and Colours

Sounds and Colours is a website, print publication and record label dedicated to Latin American music and culture, with a particular focus on the South American countries.

LatinX actors UK

A database of Latin-American actors in the UK, with the aim of increasing visibility and representation in the arts and of facilitating the talent search for Casting Directors, Creatives, Directors and Producers from the UK and all around the world.

Film and theatre

Migrants in action

MinA is a Theatre Programme for Brazilian women who experience gender-based violence in London and traumas due to the migration process. It provides a safe space where females can be themselves, speak their own language, creatively share stories and reflect on their own choices.

Latin American House

Latin American House was established in 1983 and celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2018. They work for the integration, social inclusion and well-being of Latin American and other Spanish and Portuguese-speaking migrants in London, as well as communities in the local neighbourhood.

Dr. Tatiana Heise

How does cinema help us to remember? To answer this question, I will draw upon contemporary cinemas of South America focusing on Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Since the 2000s, politically engaged filmmakers in the region have been constructing a substantial repertoire of stories about the dictatorial past.

Cine Latino in London

Let’s celebrate the outstanding work of Latinx filmmakers! Cine Latino Fest organises screenings, film workshops and panel talks in order to offer a deeper understanding of Latin America and shed a light on current social issues and concerns that are portrayed in creative and innovative films.


LatAm Dialogue

LatAm Dialogue seeks to bridge this gap. It aims to fill in the missing half of the conversation by exposing the English-speaking world to Latin America’s issues, news, histories, and trends. As one of the most under-represented regions in English language media, it is time to put Latin America in the spotlight.

Ana Peres

My name is Ana Peres, International law, multilateral trade, and investment. PhD candidate KCL.

Title for my talk: ‘From Opposition to Leadership: the Brazilian Engagement in Negotiating an Investment Facilitation Agreement in the WTO’.

Open Linguistic Mission

Open Linguistic Mission is a project that aims for development in the educational interest of kids and young people of certain academic institutions in Bogota, Colombia.

Brazil Matters

Brazil Matters raises awareness of Brazilian issues. From politics and economy to environment and culture, we promote the rights and fights of women, workers, black, indigenous and LGBTQI+ in Brazil.


La Tundra Revista

La Tundra Revista is an independent platform in Spanish in the UK since 2011. Publishing a printed magazine with cultural articles, La Tundra also produces Desde La Tundra Podcast and has an online bookshop with feminism, LGTBI+, fanzines and magazines in Spanish.

Romancero Books

Romancero Books is an online independent bookshop selling literature published in Spain and Latin America. Their aim is to make accessible to everyone who speaks Spanish or is learning Spanish in the UK the latest books written in that language at very affordable prices.




Gapwhiz aims to promote access to work or study opportunities for students and graduates across a variety of industries (home country or international). This includes both in person and remote opportunities. If you have a specific country in mind and other requirements or would like to connect with professionals and students, please reach out for FREE support via the contact form on this page.

Casa Coco

Casa Coco is a Mexican pop-up restaurant and cultural centre in Sheffield. The first of its kind, it showcases Mexican food without compromising on quality or authenticity.

Casa Coco is not just a taste experience however; it is a cultural hub where every dish has a story and visitors are drawn into Mexico’s diverse and fascinating culture through seasonal themed menus and decorations. Folk tales, sweets and crafts in the shop also paint a colourful picture of this country’s creative past.

About Us

The online festival LATINX Connections is an initiative created in order to bring together all Latin Americans, especially students based in the UK and students interested in Latin America.

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